self care

Self Care Sunday


I’ve decided to declare Sunday my self care day instead of Saturdays.  I tend to be more productive on Saturdays and since Sunday is a “day of rest,” it makes the most sense.

Normally we go to church on Sundays, but since Robert is working today, I decided we would stay home and play and relax.

My plan for self care today:

  • Sleep in (done!)
  • No written plan for the day (I wrote a plan out of habit and threw it away)
  • Blog and write (focusing on sexual abuse today)
  • Coffee and time with Jesus


  • Kitchen science with the kids
  • Play games with the kids
  • Listen to Bethel music radio on Pandora all day
  • Eat all meals (I tend to skip breakfast)
  • Super bowl party tonight!

What will you do for self care today?


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