Body Positivity

I used to spend so much time and effort working out hard and dieting.  After spending all this time and effort and not losing weight (probably because of medication that I’m on), I’ve realized that there’s another way.

This way is to LOVE MYSELF.  Just as I am.  Right now.

I am still a work in progress with this, but I’m getting there.

I took these pictures a few days ago and instead of thinking that I look fat (I’m 30 pounds heavier than a few years ago), I decided to just enjoy the new shirt that I bought!  Also, I am starting to realize that I’m pretty!




How do I go about learning to love myself as is?

First thing is that I threw out my scale!!

Second thing is that I’m learning to eat intuitively… which is basically eating “normal.”

What does this mean?

  • Eat when hungry
  • Eat until comfortable (not over-eating, though over-eating happens once in a while and that’s okay)
  • Don’t eat away emotions (figure out why I’m eating… if it’s for emotions, find another way… because we’re human sometimes this happens anyway)
  • Eat in moderation… eat for nourishment and eat for joy.
  • Just live life… don’t focus on food.

Third… exercise for enjoyment and mental/emotional/spiritual/physical health.

For me this means yoga a few days a week and hiking a few days a week.  I haven’t even started this yet as I’ve just been focusing on learning to eat intuitively.  I’ll start exercise next week!

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Check back for more body positivity posts!  One thing you’ll see is that this is wrapped up in a lot of the parts of my life, and it hasn’t been a linear process.