Mental Health

I have bipolar 2, severe anxiety (generalized, panic, social, and obsessive-compulsive), and alcohol use disorder.  I also have chronic insomnia.

These illnesses have put myself and my family through so much including two hospitalizations, 1 month-long inpatient stay at an addiction treatment center, having to leave many jobs, and so many moments in which I felt as though I couldn’t go on anymore.

I take a lot of medication and supplements!  I take Gabapentin for sleep, Lexapro and Buspirone for anxiety, and Latuda and Lamictal for bipolar 2.

I also see a counselor once a week.  I’m about to start EMDR.  I’m nervous because I have been told that it is intense!  We’ll see how it goes!

A BIG thing that helps with my mental health is SELF CARE!  Check out my self care page for more information on this!

This page will share about what bipolar 2 is, how it’s different from bipolar 1, and all about anxiety/panic disorders.  I’ll also discuss the medications that I’m on and how important they are to my health!

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