Self Care

I talk a LOT about self care.  Through my mental illnesses, hospitalization, addiction, and rehab, I’ve learned that self care is of utmost importance!

What does self care mean?  In simple terms, doing things to make sure you are your best self.  Doing things to take care of YOU so that you can then, in turn, do what you need to for your home, job, family, etc.  It is important to love yourself right where you are and take good care of yourself!

What are ways that I take care of myself?

  • Stay organized
  • Get enough sleep (I sleep from about 10:00 till 5:30)
  • Exercise (only for self care… not for weight loss)
  • Eat healthy, but balanced… there are some things that I’m okay with right now as I’m focusing most on sobriety!
  • Do my Bible study and prayer each day
  • Write what I’m grateful for each day to my sponsor (“gratefuls”)
  • Take my vitamins and fish oil
  • Take my medication correctly
  • Go to AA and do online AA meetings
  • Go to counseling for EMDR therapy
  • Spend time with my sponsor each week
  • Go to church most Sundays
  • Do step work
  • Go to my doctor when I’m scheduled
  • Doing things that I enjoy (reading and writing)
  • Keeping the house MOSTLY cleaned up (but not worrying TOO much about it)

I have a group on Facebook and I ask what the group members each day what they are doing to take care of themselves!

Self care is of utmost importance!  How are you taking care of yourself today?

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